Makeup Routine

I must say I'm a little more traditional when it comes to makeup for my everyday look. My mom growing up always had the same routine and never wore makeup. To me, she's the most beautiful woman out there in my eyes. I took after her daily routine when it came to washing my face with Noxzema and apply Olay Moisturizer with SPF every day. Please find below my daily routine when it comes to applying makeup as well as the products I'm always using! Don't get me wrong I love makeup, but less is always more in my opinion. Remember ladies, you're beautiful <3 

1. Cleanse my face with Noxzema cleansing cream.

2. Apply toner and let it dry for five minutes!

3. Apply Born This Way Foundation by Too Faced Cosmetics (Shade- Snow)

4. Next, I apply loose powder in order to leave my face with a fresh look.

5. I RARELY wear blush because I have a natural soft blush on my cheeks naturally!

6. Use eyebrow pencil to darken my eyebrows.

7. Apply Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette (I go through Honey Pot and Teddy Bear so fast)

8. Covergirl pencil eyeliner for my upper lids.

9. Maybelline's Falsies Mascara.

10. Lipgloss.....the color always depends on my mood ;)

Beauty Products


Amazing for damage or color treated hair. This deep conditioner treatment can stay on for 2 minutes, then rinsed off, and followed by shampooing.  Your hair looks brand new!


My grandma used Olay Moisturizer always. My mom uses this every day and since I could remember I have used it every day too. It's great for sensitive skin as well as protecting from the sun containing SPF 15 in it.  

Aveeno Instant Facial

If you're in a rush, but want to have exfoliating skin this is the best product. You wear it for 60 minutes while showering and wash it off and your skin feels like new. It contains lemon extract to help with clearer skin.

Face Masks

I think it's important to have a at home facial at least once a week. Yesto facials come in different variety depending on what you want to do for your skin. These you can wear longer and get great results. Plus, they are extremely affordable!

Pore Strips

We all have them and we all hate them...PORES. They come and go, definitely during the summer they are worse with the heat. I like to wear a pore strip once a week to help cleanse those areas to minimize them and help prevent them to come back or getting larger. 

Bombay Hair Products

Curls, Curls, Curls

I have extremely thick hair and a ton of it. I love to use my Hot Tools 2 inch Curler for that beachy hair look! Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel xo 

Hair Transformation

Recently, my hair has been going under some intense change. I'm naturally dirty blonde, but back in 2015, I made the decision to have my hair go black. I dyed it professionally and I must say I truly loved it. I always had dark eyebrows so I felt it worked for me and made me more confident uring that time. I was always known for my long hair and its overall health and thickness. Then, I decided to try to go back to my natural color. It was time for a change and everyone a couple of years ago thought I was crazy for changing it in the first place. I have undergone 3 sessions to get it to almost my natural color. I must say, I LOVE IT! With so much work done on it, I have been researching ways to keep my hair nice and healthy! Do these five things and you'll have beautiful hair <3

Steps for Healthy Hair:

1. Deep Condition @ least once a week

2. Use Sulfate Free Products

3. Daily Vitamins (for hair, skin, and nails)

4. Limit How Much Heat You Use

5. Use Silk Pillowcases 

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My Make Up Favorites


Finding a really good foundation for on and off stage can be challenging. Also, finding the right color to match your skin can be tricky too! Though, I have tried a few brands, I must say using Too Faced Born this Way liquid foundation has worked out the best for me. It's not cakey in anyway and it's oil free, which for stage make up is a must! After being applied, it leaves you will the most natural look and radiant skin., $39.00


I have fallen in love with, Too Faced Natural Eyes set, that I use for my everyday look as well as something for stage that needs to be a bit more dramatic for lighting. I have hazel/brown eyes so my go-tos are the browns, golds, and cream colors. The layout is so easy to follow. The top row I use for every day looks because it's settle and just enough color! Then, the last row are the darker colors that look so well from stage because it adds just enough smokiness!, $36.00

Loose Powder

I love setting my face with some loose powder to finish off my face with the natural look. I always buy, Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder, as it lays softly on your face and doesn't clog up pores (definitely a bonus!). There's no caking look and definitely oil free! 

Macy's, $38.00


It took me forever to learn how to put on eyeliner correctly and not end up with black liner all over my face! I wasn't one to use liquid eyeliner, but rather preferred pencil. I found that MAC Modern Twist Kajal Liner to be wonderful! I love that it's waterproof and provides a small tip to make the perfect line on my eyes. 

Macy's $17.00


I have been very lucky to have naturally long eyelashes so I never wore fake lashes for shows or even gotten extensions. I don't use too much mascara, but the one I have used the most is Maybelline Falsies Volume Mascara. I love how light it feels on my eyes and never clumps up! 

CVS, $7.99 


I couldn't tell you how many lipsticks I have in my purse! I love red lipstick in general for everything as well as for being on stage. Red lipstick is always my first choice! It's hard to find one that doesn't spear or get all over your teeth! Luckily, I have found MAC Liptensity Lipstick-Mulling Spices to be one of the best red lipstick I have bought. It's long-lasting and keeps your lips moisturized. 

Macy's, $21.00