I don't know about y'all, but I could never have enough purses to choose from. I love purses! The trends have been on a constant change so naturally you want to purchase all the new items ;)

However, my focus is on Spring trends that I'm noticing. The designers are going for different shapes, smaller sizes, and neutral colors. It's more common for consumers to buy these items in the Spring for two reasons:

1. They are convinent, not too large, and perfect for traveling.


(or maybe those are just my reasons lol)

Anyways, I personally change out my purses in the Spring to something smaller in size where I'm not trying to find everything at the bottom of my tote. I'm sure you could all relate to that, but I always love finding different prints and colors as my go-to is always a black purse. I'm really trying to be more colorful with my accessories so why not start with my purse choice. 

Below you can find some of my favorites right now:

1. Louis Vuitton Mini Backpack

2. Cuyana Bags

3. LC by Lauren Conrad 

So..... I think it's time to shop now! See you guys next Saturday for my new post <3 

Spring Favs

Spring has arrived my loves, which means new trends are out in the world. As much as I love the flowers that start to bloom and the weather starts getting a bit warmer, I'm still wearing black! I know.....why? Every since I was in high school, I always was wearing darker clothes (even a girl raised in Florida lol) rather than items that were more vibrant. 

However, since moving to California and nudges from my friends, I'm slowly buying more colorful items. I think it comes down to being confident. The more I have thought about it, I think the reason I didn't wear colors because I didn't want to "stand out." 

As I get older, I'm learning to not care about what others think, which for anyone that can be hard to do. The more I learn about myself and build that inner confidence, I'm choosing clothing that I never thought I would wear! 

So........I have bee daring by really loving these items right now for the Spring:

1. Ripped Shorts

2. Skirts

3. Boyfriend Jeans

4. Nude Heels

5. Sandals w/ Blocked Heels

Want to Buy?

Follow the link below for the items listed <3 

Shoe Collection-Fall

Black w/ Studs

You can never go wrong with Sam Edelman's shoes! I have so many pairs now in my shoe collection.

These suede black shoes have a little extra something......studs on the back of the heel. I love finding things that are simply, but yet have a detail in them to make them different. 

Sam Edelman, $89

Pom Poms

I'm loving this style with the pom poms on the top of heels! I absolutely love these heels by Charles Davis *also super comfy) because of that detail, but also because of pretty plum color they come in, which is perfect for fall! You can simply wear these shoes with a sweater and pair of jeans so you let the shoes be the center of attention!

Charles Davis, $79

Nude Sandals

Another Sam Edelman shoe! Told you guys I was obsessed! You can never go wrong with a cute pair of nude sandals especially in southern Cali! I loved how these were suede as well, but had the criss-cross design with the ties that give it a fancier look.

Sam Edelman, $65.00 

I'll post the links below for you all to get your new shoes for the fall season! Can never have too many :)

Get My Dress

I had so many questions from my followers on my Instagram wondering where this dress was from! 

Its super chic, comfortable and can be dressed up or down, which is a bonus! I always try to buy things that I can wear multiple ways! 

The dress is from BB Dakota (best dresses) and affordable! Below, you'll find the direct link to get your dress today!

Fall Wedding Attire

Fall is just around the corner and I must admit its my favorite time of year for a few reasons:

1. The colors of the trees change

2. The scents that are in season smell delicious

3. Colors in fashion are rich


5. Lastly, it's a popular time of year for weddings!

I have attended several weddings, but I was always apart of the actual wedding party. So I never actually had to worry about what I was going to wear, but that's now changing as I will be attending a wedding this I need to find a outfit! 

I have been doing a lot of research about what to wear to a fall wedding. I'm finding there's several things to consider like is the wedding indoor or outdoor, how will weather be, what color are the bride maids wearing, and the list could go on! This is my conclusion for what I think I'm going to look for:

Colors: Purple, Emeralds, Dark Blue, Marigold, and Burgundy

Accessories: Shawl and Clutch

Shoes: Heels (possibly flats just in case the feet start to hurt!)  

A bonus would be finding something I could wear again and not hang in my closet collecting dust <3 

Dress Option #1

I love this midnight blue dress that gives me a 1940s vibe with the high/low hemming and high halter top. 

Nordstrom, $204

Dress Option #2

Emerald is probably one of my favorite colors during the fall season. This dress has a leg slit, which gives a little edginess, but its not overdone making it appropriate for a fall wedding.  

Nordstrom, $248

Dress Option #3

You can never go wrong with off the shoulders. I love this look as it gives a romantic side to this dress while being form fitting in a gorgeous burgundy color!

Nordstrom, $295

Major Inventory

My Summer Must-Haves '17

Ray-Ban Rainbow Mirrored Sunglasses, $175.00

Topshop Hawaii Sandals, $35.00

Amuse Society Midi Dress, $60.00

Halogen Straw Hat, $39.00

Kendra Scott Earrings, $55.00

Rebecca Minkoff Clutch, $145.00