Aussie Fasion Takeover

By. @_byblondie

Fashion is such a fun aspect of life to explore. You can be as creative as you like. You can follow the trends or you can incorporate the trends into your own style and set a new trend. Fashion can be exciting! Coming up to Spring in Australia, we are getting out of the cold winter and finally experiencing some slightly warmer weather. Still a bit chilly but we can feel that summer is coming! Thank god! The world of fashion is very funny at this time of year. During winter, there’s loads of knits and sweatshirts and coats in just about every single store. It gets boring over time. Then bang! Mid-winter spring collection comes out the hype for summer is insane! This year the vibe is animal print. I am loving it! Leopard print was making a comeback during 2016/17 and people were very sceptical. It was 50/50 as to whether it would successfully make a comeback. And, this year is the year. Leopard print has come back and it is rockin it! Another flash back from the decades that’s making a huge return is Plaid Pattern. It is everywhere! I’m talking your typical plaid patterned skirt, just like in clueless, pants, tops, dresses. It is in fashion and you can wear it all and still look somewhat original. To me, it seems as if people are too scared to wear plaid clothing. It is everywhere but it isn’t. I love it. I have plaid patterned pants and I can’t get enough of them! Another trend now heading into spring, is active wear. Now we all see our brunching babes in active wear and low key judge. Have they worked out or are they just wearing it for show?? Well stop the judging!! Because those honeys rocking their active wear all year round have started a trend. The current item must have are highwaisted black bike shorts that come to just above the knee. I am yet to get myself a pair just need the ones I want to be back in stock!

Animal print became popular in women’s fashion during the Bohemian Movement in the 1960s. With fashion evolving every day, animal print, leopard print to be specific, was huge hit in the 1980s. It was still popular and fashionable in decades after but not as much as the 1980s. Today, animal print is making a huge comeback and we’re loving it! In the beginning, leopard print coats where the must have item. They were everywhere! I was fortunate enough to have a vintage leopard print coat straight from the 1960s that was my Great Grandmothers. For a while it was just the coats that were popular. We saw the occasional leopard print top but they kind of looked a bit tacky. As of the recent spring collection drop, there are gorgeous leopard print skirts, dresses and pants. I can’t get enough of them! Coming into Spring where it is still a little bit chilli but hitting some warmer weather, these items are essential! They’re practical for the warmer days and you look stunning in them. As you can see below, the popular clothing is generally a satin material.

The idea of leopard print clothing was very daring. For a while, it was very tacky and if you wore it you had to piece it with the correct items or it would look out of place. Nowadays, you can mix and match and wear anything with leopard print. The fashion of today is amazing. These leopard pieces are exceptional and will be amazing when coming into spring. The lightweight material is such a great design especially when we come into summer. The dresses and skirts are super cute and you can dress them up with boots or heels and the right accessories or you can dress them down with some appropriate sneakers and a nice tee. So many options! I can’t wait to buy all this stuff and play around with it myself! Totally dress up in these clothes for insta… don’t we all though? Who doesn’t love a candid photoshoot haha.

Another flashback from the past is plaid clothing. Plaid goes way back to the 1700s when tartan was reclaimed by Scots as the country’s national dress. Plaid clothing became popular in the 1990s during the “Grunge” faze. The flannel shirt became the unofficial symbol of the grunge style during the 90s. Now the flannel shirt just screams farmer wants a wife… but we still get around it. Plaid pants are most definitely a thing. They are everywhere! I own a couple of pairs myself! Just about every boutique has a pair of plaid pants. They are a must have for spring! They’ve been around for a while and came into fashion about autumn. Since then they have become so popular that just about everyone owns a pair. Pants are the main clothing item in the plaid style. Unless it has a matching top to go with it, you don’t really see a whole lot of other clothing items in plaid. Since coming into spring, plaid skirts and dresses are now being dropped in the collection. Bringing back the “Clueless” attire, there are cute skirts everywhere! Plaid is super cute for spring. You can dress it up with a fancy top and boots or dress it down with a nice t-shirt and sneakers. Or you can also hit up the 90s-grunge look and wear a band t-shirt or mesh top/ bodysuit with plaid pants or skirts. It is a fun thing to mess around with. For the moment, black, white and grey plaid pattern is most popular. I noticed that a mix pink was coming out and it looked amazing! Warmer and lighter colours are a good choice for this time of year! I have black plaid and pink plaid pants form I.Am.Gia and I absolutely love them! Tartan is also making a comeback! Jagger and Stone just had a runway show at New York Fashion week and their new collection incorporates a lot of tartan and it is fab! My go to plaid outfit for spring is some plaid pants with a nice basic t-shirt or long-sleeve in white, paired with a leather jacket or not jacket and black boots or white sneakers depending on where I’m going!

Now, we’ve all see those middle-aged women who wear their active wear to brunch or to get a coffee and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t wonder if they’d worked out or they’re just wearing it for show. Nowadays it is high fashion to get out and about in your active wear. I do it a lot. It is super comfy and there are so many variations in active wear. You can accommodate for just about all weather conditions and still be comfy and not feel like you’re wearing 1 million layers! 

For those colder days, the latest trend is highwaisted leggings. They’re so good for working out in as you don’t feel like your tummy or bum are going to peak out of your tights… and they add that extra little bit of warmth around your torso under your tops! The latest thing I’ve seen which will accommodate for the warmer days is bike shorts. Saski collection has a fab pair and Beginning Boutique as well as Meshki have just launched their basics range which includes a bike short and crop top set. Who would have thought this active wear would make it to such fashionable boutiques as everyday wear? Cool, right? Basic clothing is a must have for spring! Active wear is the trend but the basic clothing is a variation.

For myself, I find this latest trend to be really accommodating. In a way that you can wear these active wear alternatives for casual wear and not look like you’re working out because everyone’s wearing in different styles. I like how it’s a very versatile collection. I find with a lot of active wear brands; their styles and designs are very accommodating to a specific kind of person. A lot of the time, the patterns and designs are very eye capturing and can often have an affect where it makes your body look bigger than it is. Which can have a negative feel on the person waring them. I find that having a plain colour with maybe a little mesh or even a very simple pattern is more accommodating to curvy body types like mine. Everyone should feel comfortable in what they wear. In my opinion this specific active wear inspired casual clothing is an excellent choice for those that want to blend in. It’s also excellent for the upcoming season as weather is getting a bit warmer therefore layer upon layer is not required. It’s also good for motivation to those who want to work out or become a bit more active. Just say your rocking the bike short and crop top set with a zip jumper or another top over, while you’re grabbing a coffee. You might think "hey it’s a nice day I’m in suitable clothing why not go for a walk or a little jog?”. Motivation comes within and who can’t agree that you’re your best self with a banging new outfit? 

So, to wrap up my little aussie fall take over, my top 3 go to styles are, anything leopard print… I can’t get enough of it! Some plaid clothing especially the pants!! As well as active wear inspired casual wear! What can I say I am. sucker for retro clothing! They are such versatile styles. You can dress them up to go out in or you can dress them down to wear casually. You can accommodate all styles with the weather condition too! Win, win situation if you ask me!

Business Women Attire

As a young professional, you always want to look your best! Sometimes, its hard to find the best business attire for the work place because of size differences between brands. It has taken me forever to find brands that work best for my body. I can't tell you how many times pants were too long or too short. Or blouses in XS were really large or too short for my torso. As much as  love shopping, business attire shopping can be frustrating. My advice is to make sure you go in stores to try all your items on! Don't forget to get some amazing shoes and accessories to spice it. I'm going to share with you some of my favorite blouses right now. My go-to stores are typically White House Black Market, Zara, or New York and Company! 

It's not easy to be a boss babe :) 


I don't know about y'all, but I could never have enough purses to choose from. I love purses! The trends have been on a constant change so naturally you want to purchase all the new items ;)

However, my focus is on Spring trends that I'm noticing. The designers are going for different shapes, smaller sizes, and neutral colors. It's more common for consumers to buy these items in the Spring for two reasons:

1. They are convinent, not too large, and perfect for traveling.


(or maybe those are just my reasons lol)

Anyways, I personally change out my purses in the Spring to something smaller in size where I'm not trying to find everything at the bottom of my tote. I'm sure you could all relate to that, but I always love finding different prints and colors as my go-to is always a black purse. I'm really trying to be more colorful with my accessories so why not start with my purse choice. 

Below you can find some of my favorites right now:

1. Louis Vuitton Mini Backpack

2. Cuyana Bags

3. LC by Lauren Conrad 

So..... I think it's time to shop now! See you guys next Saturday for my new post <3 

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Spring Favs

Spring has arrived my loves, which means new trends are out in the world. As much as I love the flowers that start to bloom and the weather starts getting a bit warmer, I'm still wearing black! I know.....why? Every since I was in high school, I always was wearing darker clothes (even a girl raised in Florida lol) rather than items that were more vibrant. 

However, since moving to California and nudges from my friends, I'm slowly buying more colorful items. I think it comes down to being confident. The more I have thought about it, I think the reason I didn't wear colors because I didn't want to "stand out." 

As I get older, I'm learning to not care about what others think, which for anyone that can be hard to do. The more I learn about myself and build that inner confidence, I'm choosing clothing that I never thought I would wear! 

So........I have bee daring by really loving these items right now for the Spring:

1. Ripped Shorts

2. Skirts

3. Boyfriend Jeans

4. Nude Heels

5. Sandals w/ Blocked Heels

Want to Buy?

Follow the link below for the items listed <3 

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Shoe Collection-Fall

Black w/ Studs

You can never go wrong with Sam Edelman's shoes! I have so many pairs now in my shoe collection.

These suede black shoes have a little extra something......studs on the back of the heel. I love finding things that are simply, but yet have a detail in them to make them different. 

Sam Edelman, $89

Pom Poms

I'm loving this style with the pom poms on the top of heels! I absolutely love these heels by Charles Davis *also super comfy) because of that detail, but also because of pretty plum color they come in, which is perfect for fall! You can simply wear these shoes with a sweater and pair of jeans so you let the shoes be the center of attention!

Charles Davis, $79

Nude Sandals

Another Sam Edelman shoe! Told you guys I was obsessed! You can never go wrong with a cute pair of nude sandals especially in southern Cali! I loved how these were suede as well, but had the criss-cross design with the ties that give it a fancier look.

Sam Edelman, $65.00 

I'll post the links below for you all to get your new shoes for the fall season! Can never have too many :)

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Get My Dress

I had so many questions from my followers on my Instagram wondering where this dress was from! 

Its super chic, comfortable and can be dressed up or down, which is a bonus! I always try to buy things that I can wear multiple ways! 

The dress is from BB Dakota (best dresses) and affordable! Below, you'll find the direct link to get your dress today!

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Fall Wedding Attire

Fall is just around the corner and I must admit its my favorite time of year for a few reasons:

1. The colors of the trees change

2. The scents that are in season smell delicious

3. Colors in fashion are rich


5. Lastly, it's a popular time of year for weddings!

I have attended several weddings, but I was always apart of the actual wedding party. So I never actually had to worry about what I was going to wear, but that's now changing as I will be attending a wedding this I need to find a outfit! 

I have been doing a lot of research about what to wear to a fall wedding. I'm finding there's several things to consider like is the wedding indoor or outdoor, how will weather be, what color are the bride maids wearing, and the list could go on! This is my conclusion for what I think I'm going to look for:

Colors: Purple, Emeralds, Dark Blue, Marigold, and Burgundy

Accessories: Shawl and Clutch

Shoes: Heels (possibly flats just in case the feet start to hurt!)  

A bonus would be finding something I could wear again and not hang in my closet collecting dust <3 

Dress Option #1

I love this midnight blue dress that gives me a 1940s vibe with the high/low hemming and high halter top. 

Nordstrom, $204

Dress Option #2

Emerald is probably one of my favorite colors during the fall season. This dress has a leg slit, which gives a little edginess, but its not overdone making it appropriate for a fall wedding.  

Nordstrom, $248

Dress Option #3

You can never go wrong with off the shoulders. I love this look as it gives a romantic side to this dress while being form fitting in a gorgeous burgundy color!

Nordstrom, $295

Major Inventory

My Summer Must-Haves '17

Ray-Ban Rainbow Mirrored Sunglasses, $175.00

Topshop Hawaii Sandals, $35.00

Amuse Society Midi Dress, $60.00

Halogen Straw Hat, $39.00

Kendra Scott Earrings, $55.00

Rebecca Minkoff Clutch, $145.00